Communards take over the Chinchero Airport polygon and burn tires (VIDEO)

Communards take over the Chinchero Airport polygon and burn tires (VIDEO)

On the morning of last Tuesday, residents belonging to the rural community of Raqchi Ayllu, located in the district of Chinchero, province of Urubamba, entered the facilities of the future Chinchero Airport to demonstrate and make known a list of claims.

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After circumventing the security of the place, dozens of residents settled in part of the estate and burned tires and other objects, in the midst of a protest for alleged abuses suffered since the beginning of the construction of the future air terminal.

In a video clip shared by the protesters themselves, they announced that they broke into the property to ask for basic sanitation (water – drainage) in their areas, as well as employment for the locals.

“We understand that this could be understood as an assault on private investment, we do not want to stop investments, but rather that they are more involved with the peoples, it is a pity that Pedro Castillo has forgotten us and does not want to take care of the problems of the deep peoples, They have promised us the immediate execution of basic sanitation, but so far nothing”one of the protesters is heard saying.

Communards take over the Chinchero Airport polygon and burn tires (VIDEO)

Then he mentions that when they bought the land for the execution of the polygon, They were told that with that money they had to install lodgings, restaurants, buy cargo and transport vehicles. for them to offer their services, and they did so, but to date they have not been hired.

“They told us that with the money we received, buy lodgings, yellow line white line trucks, equip yourself with restaurants, dining room, laundry, for which the population invests to provide these services and benefit and unfortunately Consorcio Chinchero filled with its workers and now it is no longer like that “, the villager limited.

Communards take over the Chinchero Airport polygon and burn tires (VIDEO)

The day before, the community members arrived in the city of Cusco in a protest march and threatened to take the access and exit roads of the future airport in order to achieve a meeting with Prime Minister Aníbal Torres and with representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

up to the place A police contingent arrived to ensure order and avoid further demonstrations, so far there have been no attempts at confrontation with the authorities.


– In a recent operation to the Chinchero International Airport work, by the Comptroller General of the Republic, this entity identified that the massive landfill activities in Area T3 are not executed according to the updated schedule, which would delay the completion of the earthworks. In addition, the contractor would have failed to deliver work camps No. 1 and No. 2 on the scheduled dates, which would generate higher general expenses and increase the cost of supervising the earthworks.

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