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Committee of the Chamber of Foreign Commerce approves new tariff reductions

A set of requests for the reduction of import tariffs was approved by the Management Executive Committee (Gecex) of the Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex) of the Ministry of Economy this Wednesday (20). The orders are to zero the tax on 15 items to avoid shortages in the country and others to permanently lower the rates of 13 products in the Mercosur Common External Tariff (TEC).Committee of the Chamber of Foreign Commerce approves new tariff reductions

According to the Ministry of Economy, the measures will still be sent for consideration by the other members of the bloc, in the Mercosur Trade Commission (CCM) and in the Technical Committee N°1 – Tariffs, Nomenclature and Classification of Goods (CT-1).

“The cuts include aliquots of chemical substances used in the production of make-up and dyes; hair dyes; ether for making concrete; printing inks; coffee machines; tennis rackets and proteins for the food industry. The cases were approved by recommendation of the Tariff Change Committee (CAT) of Camex and will be forwarded to the Mercosur Trade Commission”, detailed Camex.

In another vote, also as recommended by the CAT, Gecex approved 13 requests for permanent changes to the TEC, lowering the rates to 2%, which today are between 10% and 16%. The measure includes chemical products used by various industrial segments, in addition to items for bicycles, electromagnets, garlic powder, aluminum sheets, sheets and strips. These claims must still be analyzed by the CT-1.


At the same meeting, Gecex voted for the inclusion of another product in the so-called Covid List, with a tariff reduction to zero for the drug Baricitinib. Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health approved the incorporation of this drug for the treatment of covid-19 in the Unified Health System (SUS). The compound is used to treat hospitalized adult patients with covid-19 who need oxygen by mask or nasal catheter.

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