Commitments of Venezuela as guarantor of peace talks with the ELN

Commitments of Venezuela as guarantor of peace talks with the ELN

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, accepted the request that, he assured, he received last Monday, September 12, in a letter, from his Colombian counterpart, Gustav Petro, of being “guarantor of the negotiations and peace agreements in Colombia“with the guerrillas of National Liberation Army (ELN).

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To President Gustavo Petro and to Colombia we say: Venezuela accepts the character of guarantor of the negotiations and peace agreements between Colombia and the ELN and we will put our best will, in the name of God the almighty father, for the total peace of ColombiaMaduro said during an act broadcast by the state channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

Maduro explained that last Monday he received Petro’s request and that he is willing, “one more time” to participate in the negotiation process. He added that this mission will lead “the voice of all Venezuela” and of “the 6,200,000 Colombians” who, he stressed, live in his country.

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Venezuela is committed to peace, to security, to the stability of Colombia and the peace of Colombia is the peace of Venezuela, it is the peace of South America, it is the peace of the entire continent“, he highlighted.

Venezuela was the guarantor of the peace negotiations with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), that took place in Havana between 2012 and 2016.

According to previous Colombian governments, the ELN and other illegal armed groups take refuge on Venezuelan soil.

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Since his arrival at the Presidency, Petro resumed relations with Venezuela and proposed promoting the “total peace“, an ambitious bet with which he seeks sit down to negotiate with groups outside the law that still operate in the country and achieve an agreement like the one that was reached at the time with the FARC, which includes some type of legal agreement or submission to Justice.

ELN guerrillas.

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For the time being, progress has been made on the decision to resume negotiations with the ELN, although Petro assures that he has received letters from criminal gangs who want to join that process.

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With the ELN, the government is going to seek to negotiate a peace agreement, while it will offer the gangs submission to justice.


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