Commission for the Judicial Revolution has attended more than 29 thousand cases

Commission for the Judicial Revolution has attended more than 29 thousand cases

During the ordinary session of the National Assembly this Tuesday, deputy Diosdado Cabello announced that 29,000 of the 40 cases that were procedurally delayed have been dealt with.

«When we started the Judicial Revolution there were 40 thousand cases in the temporary precincts with procedural delays. Today more than 29,000 have already been treated with alternative measures, freedom in cases of injustice and overcrowding has also been overcome », he said.

He stressed that three key points were established for the Judicial Revolution, “the overcrowding in the penitentiary centersthe body of laws and the restructuring of the entities”, he said.

He assured that so far 10 laws have been approved that correspond to the judicial revolution

He stressed this Tuesday that since the arrival of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, the laws are made by deputies by mandate of the People and not by law firms as in the Fourth Republic.

Approved project for the Reform of the Law of the Justice System

During the debate, the Organic Law Project for the Reform of the Justice System Law was unanimously approved in the first discussion.

Deputy Oscar Rondero assured that it will allow the different instances of the Venezuelan judicial system to work together to guarantee that justice arrives in a timely manner to those who require it.

In this sense, he highlighted the importance of direct coordination between instances such as the courts and the prosecutor’s office so that there can be expeditious judicial processes in accordance with the provisions of our legal system.

In the opinion of deputy Francisco Ameliach, this rule will contribute to a better distribution of the functions performed by each of the justice bodies, breaking with the misunderstood separation of powers.

Case of Guatire

Cabello recalled that through this process, the case of the Villa Zamora 2021 Parcelamiento, located in Guatire in the state of Miranda, has been addressed, a fact that caused severe environmental damage, land dispossession, destruction of homes and crops for peasants.

“Next week we are going to present to this Assembly the report of the Commission that investigated the Guatire’s case“, said.

In April of this year, the Public Ministry charged the mayor of the Zamora municipality of Miranda state, Raziel Enrique Rodríguez Villanueva (40), for allegedly being involved in corruption and abuse of office.

Finally, Cabello stressed that the Special Commission for the Judicial Revolution will continue to work and will not stop until Venezuela has the best justice system in the world.

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