"Commission for the dirty war, culmination of the struggles of Ibarra de Piedra"

“Commission for the dirty war, culmination of the struggles of Ibarra de Piedra”

“Commission for the war dirtyculmination of the struggles of Ibarra de Piedra”

▲ The director of the Tlachinollan Center (Barrera, above) and the former rector of the Ibero (Fernández) are members of the organization created in October of last year.Photo Victor Camacho and La Jornada

Alonso Urrutia

Newspaper La Jornada
Monday, April 18, 2022, p. 8

Her petite figure emerged to unravel the darkest face of the Statewith its illegal and criminal organizations, Doña Rosario (Ibarra de Piedra) brought to light this device of terror in the search for her sonevokes David Fernández, a member of the truth commission for the clarification of the war dirty. “The Committee Eureka! (which she founded) is the genesis of all these groups that are now in search of thousands of disappeared people who, with all their pain, demand dignity and justice, says Abel Barrera, also a member of the aforementioned commission.

That’s where we come from. His initial inquiries were the primary sources to document the repression. Doña Rosario, her husband, were the ones who investigated where they detained her son, where they took him, the Military Camp. Their struggle and disruptive voice fueled the current movements of the victims, with their moral authority, their strength to make the peoples, the nameless, the forgotten, visible. Doña Rosario understood that very well, that’s why she was all over the countryBarrier adds.

Both coincide: the truth commission for the war dirty It is a new attempt to clarify the repressive excesses of the past, the responsibilities of the armed forces and other bodies such as the Federal Security Directorate, which was initially denounced by Ibarra de Piedra.

She opened her eyes not only to the issue of the disappeared, but also to reveal the authoritarianism and the repressive apparatus then called the prosecution and administration of justice that overlapped the perpetrators of the forced disappearance. Her legacy is one of hope and impulse to fight, of continuous denunciation. She has been sad that she has died without ever having found her sonFernandez lamented.

He underlines that Ibarra de Piedra was clear in denouncing the military excesses in the repression of those years, the lack of collaboration from the Army, which, he underlines, prevails until now with the commission in which he actively participates and that next Thursday he will present his program of work after an intense tour of the country, to meet with all the groups. Among them, it stands out, the various state expressions of ¡Eureka! who, even with their sometimes conflicting positions, have trusted the commission.

Barrera summarizes the contribution: Doña Rosario is the one who forged the movement of victims of forced disappearance in our country. She burst into the national scene like a mother of a family, like so many that exist now in our country, with a very clear approach, denouncing power, showing the atrocities of a system. the legendary scream Alive they took them, alive we want them it is a thunderous demand for justice.

It is the denunciation against authoritarian Mexico, revealing the role of the Army in the persecution against leaders and militants, how their actions became something extremely serious in terms of human rights violations, which was not an issue that then permeated the country. under an authoritarian regime. She was in charge of showing the faces of the victims, she managed to break the silence with the face of her son on her chest. She was giving identity to a fight with the Eureka Committee! that made forced disappearance visible in Mexico for the first time.” For Barrera, the social fighter that she became, she exhibited the presidentialism of an authoritarian government when she confronted Luis Echeverría, when she burst in denouncing the military role in the repression, in identifying Military Camp number 1.

The current truth commission for historical clarification is rather a culmination of those struggles. Now there is a convergence of these groups of victims. They have agreed, at the national level, with that open wound of the disappearances that found an echo with the presidential decree that integrated this instance, they agreed in separate interviews.

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