Commerce, waiting for Mother's Day in normality

Commerce, waiting for Mother’s Day in normality

Traders are on the lookout because after two years, on Sunday the Mother’s Day, practically, without any health restrictions due to the pandemic.

The issue is not minor, as this celebration is considered the second most important for their business. So they expect sales in stores and restaurants to increase between 25% to 30% compared to a usual Sunday.

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The president of Fenalco, Jaime Alberto Cabal, said that the establishments are prepared to attend the celebrations and the purchases that return without sanitary restrictions that slowed down the dynamics of this date 2020 and 2021.

The union conducted a survey to measure the purchasing spirit of Colombians.
The 32% of those consulted are willing to allocate between $50,000 and $100,000, while 28% speak of a budget of between $100,100 and $200,000.

The favorite gifts are clothes and shoes, and going out to lunch, for 28% and 26%, respectively. “There is a 12% that remains faithful to the tradition of giving flowers; 11% will give away money or purchase vouchers; Travel (10%); Cell phones or electronic devices (9%), among others”, indicates the survey.

Regarding the purchase channel, it is evident that the pandemic stimulated virtual purchases. Now 17% say that they choose to take advantage of the Internet and applications to make their purchases for this date. Before the health crisis, that percentage was barely 5%.

In any case, the physical purchase is preferred. According to the Merchant Guild survey, 50% of Colombians will buy the gift in shopping centers and 18% in specialized stores.

Regarding the question of where to identify the ideal gift for the mother, most of the gifts are previously consulted with the honorees. Thus, they will receive what they want, although the “surprise factor” is reduced.

The second most selected option is the showcase Decoration, window dressing and the design of commercial spaces continue to be decisive, warns the guild.

OTHER TRENDS, a platform specializing in offers and promotions in the retail sector, analyzes the economic movement within the framework of the tribute to mothers. Without being too far from Fenalco’s calculations, he calculates that the average cost could be $165,000.

According to the data, chocolates continue to be an infallible gift and this is shown by the rebound in 308% in their searches, together with cakes and pastries that presented an increase of 47%.

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In addition to the interest in going to a restaurant to celebrate Sunday, there has also been a considerable increase in the different categories such as fashion (45%), being sneakers (173%), bags (100%) and dresses (25%) the favorites to style mothers on their day.

It should be noted that this category presented an increase of 25% compared to the previous year.

Another of the categories of great interest is beauty (81%), in which makeup has increased its demand by 200%, mirrors 88% and perfumes 67%.


Entrepreneurs are ready to serve customers next Sunday and expect sales to be significant for their businesses.

For us this date is very important because it is the first year since our opening in which we will celebrate Mother’s Day in total normality. For this we have scheduled concerts, as well as a wide gastronomic offer. We hope to receive nearly 45,000 visitors that day and increase sales by at least 50% more than the previous year.”, affirms Guillermo Gómez, General Manager of the Paseo Villa del Río Shopping Center, in the south of Bogotá. For her part, Laura Quintana, Commercial Vice President of Movich Hotels, comments that “we love to surprise domestic and foreign travelers and even more so on such a special date as Mother’s Day.”

The executive explained that under the motto “the ideal host”, a special celebration has been scheduled in the country’s eight hotels “to honor that being who is so important to each one of us. At the chain level we have more than 1,000 stalls so that families, adults and children, can disconnect from the routine and take this weekend as an excuse to celebrate and surprise mom in restaurants”.

Flower growers are also eexpectant with sales, especially for its export activities. FedEx Express announced that it expects to transport 1,250,000 kilos of flowers from Colombia and Ecuador to the United States on Mother’s Day, which corresponds to a growth of close to 35% compared to last year, a trend invigorated by the increase in e-commerce.


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