Commemorative acts begin for the tenth anniversary of Senamecf

The National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Senamecf), arrives at its tenth anniversary, focused on educational activities, training and scientific recognition of its human talent.

This was stated by the general director of Senamecf, C/G Lisset Moreno, during a special edition of the radio program “Criminal Investigation for the People”, on the occasion of this commemoration.

He stressed that with joy and enthusiasm they celebrate 10 years of an institution that has men and women who day by day strengthen each of their scientific areas, refers to a press release from the institution.

The scheduled activities will begin with a Mass of Thanksgiving and First Communion for the sons and daughters of the Service’s workers.

For Wednesday, June 08, the unveiling of the 3D bust of El Libertador and Father of the Nation, Simón Bolívar, will be unveiled, a sculpture in which experts from this organization participated, along with scientific conferences and sports activities.

“For the first time, a plastic artist makes a bust as similar as possible to the scientific face of El Libertador and Father of the Nation, with the help of the experts who participated in the exhumation of his remains,” said Dr. Yanuacelis Cruz, deputy director of Senamecf, also interviewed on the program.

Likewise, the scientific activities will be present with the “First Forensic Science Update Conference”, aimed at officials belonging to criminal investigation agencies, the Public Ministry (MP) and the Judicial System, which will take place that same day. .

The anniversary celebration continues on June 15, with the Central Act, where the extraordinary human talent of the National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences will be recognized.

Likewise, on the 22nd and 23rd, the third scientific session will be held called “Good Practices in Non-Routine Identification and Attention to the Victim”, which will feature speakers of international stature, in order to continue complying with the respect, protection and dissemination of Human Rights, highlighted the guests of Senamecf.

On the 30th, the Comprehensive Forensic Course certificates will be delivered to more than 100 Senamecf officials, in addition to commemorating the 100 days of operation of the Training Center (CEFO), specialized in Forensic Sciences of the National Experimental Security University .

“Senamecf Educa” program takes prevention nationwide

With more than nine thousand people impacted, 40 communities and 92 institutions addressed, this program continues to be deployed with the aim of guaranteeing and promoting social justice, peace and good coexistence in the national territory, highlighted Commissioner Lissett Moreno.

Additionally, the Deputy Director of the service announced that new preventive topics will be included in matters of animal abuse and gender violence, as well as tips to care for victims of this type of violence.

For his part, Moreno concluded by congratulating the men and women who are part of the National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences, a human talent dedicated one hundred percent to the fulfillment of their functions in order to guarantee a Justice System according to the needs of the people. .

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