Commemorative activities begin for the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the UBV

With a concert, the commemorative acts began for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV), created by the Commander Hugo Chavez in 2003, with the objective of guaranteeing university studies for the Venezuelan population.

This was announced from the Plaza Monte Sacro, located in the internal spaces of the UBV, by the Minister of Popular Power for University Education and rector of this house of studies, Sandra Oblitaswho stated that with various cultural activities, including the song to the Homeland, “we want to recognize the 20 years of victories and satisfaction for having built a milestone in the education model in the country, by guaranteeing inclusion in the university system.” .

He stressed that the Bolivarian University of Venezuela since its creation has been classified as an inclusive institution, because “it guaranteed the possibilities of studies to more than 400,000 high school graduates who were floating and unable to enter a university.”

Oblitas stated that, during the growth of the UBV, “training programs have been generated in accordance with the plans of the Republic”, in addition, “education has been territorialized, it is a flagship program of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, which went to meet the student to the different territories to generate attachment to the study, since in the past, the students left the country to be able to study”, he said.

The rector Sandra Oblitas assured that the UBV has new challenges, among them, “for the university to grow in the construction of knowledge, in the training of professionals for the country and in generating mechanisms to contribute to the development of the country.”


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