Colorados celebrate anniversary amid representation crisis

Colorados celebrate anniversary amid representation crisis

The National Republican Association (ANR) celebrates its 135 years in the midst of discredit due to some of its leaders and the consequent loss of effectiveness in forming new leadership. Analysts speak of a crisis of representation in the red ranks and believe that the denominations of some of their politicians will not influence the hegemony of the party, but it will in the electoral campaigns.

Recently, in the midst of the bid to represent the ANR in the general elections, its main members are affected by irregular acts and appointments that erode the image of the party.

The political analyst and specialist in electoral campaigns, Selva Castiñeira, mentioned that the Colorado Party and other wealthy groups suffer a crisis of representation, which usually translates into the deterioration and loss of prestige of the party due to its referents.

“The loss of effectiveness that the consistent parties have to form new leaderships and manage political power produces a system of collapse that breaks the relationship with continuing to represent that movement and that causes some politicians to leave where they were to form their own movement” , he indicated.


For Castiñeira, the lack of representation in the red ranks creates a break and causes a crisis to be generated within the party, even more now that it is in electoral times. He considered that the Colorado party is worn out, it does not generate trust like previous decades and this is due to the corruption of its representatives that produces distrust in the voter.

“In all of Latin America there is a crisis of representation and I see that in most countries there is a shift towards opting for an option within the opposition, let’s say that it is not from the government party and that it is the least worst. So, I would dare to say that the future of the Colorado party is a bit uncertain in the panorama of the 2023 elections because there is this distrust on the part of its voters. she narrowed.


For his part, the analyst, Marcelo Lacchi, manifested that the party is structured on the affectivity of its members and is part of the social identity of half of the population of Paraguay. He affirmed who directs it at the time or another is relative and that does not affect its existence or its political hegemony.

Regarding the appointments of some of its members in acts of corruption, he maintained that this will only influence the electoral campaigns, but not the history of the ANR, since it is an emotional community of millions of people.

“The leaders are relative, it is not a party based on a person, as with Unace, which was a group hanging over Oviedo. In the ANR they repeatedly change their leaders, it is the party with the most renewals at the level of deputies, senators, because they are momentary leaderships”, he specified.


With a view to the internal partisans of next December 18, Arnoldo Wiens – questioned during his tenure as Minister of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) – and Juan Manuel Brunetti make up Fuerza Republicana, a group that also includes Vice President Hugo Velázquez, noted as significantly corrupted by the US government.

On the other hand, the presidential duo Santiago Peña-Pedro Alliana are backed by former President of the Republic Horacio Cartes, accused by the United States of obstructing a transnational organized crime investigation to protect himself and an unspecified accomplice.

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