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Colorado deputy Nibia Reisch among the legislators who lead the index of those who make the most effort

The Department of Political Science of the University of the Republic made an index that considers the legislators who make the most effort.

The aspects evaluated were various: attendance at sessions, bills or minutes presented, how much did he do as an informer in the Plenary, how much did he participate in the chamber debate, presentations on different reasons and number of requests for reports.

The work was directed by the political scientist Daniel Chasquetti.

In addition to the deputy of the Colorado Party for the department of Colonia, Nibia Reisch, the list is led by Gustavo Olmos (FA), Daniel Caggiani (FA), Lucía Etcheverry (FA) and Juan Rodríguez (PN).

The evaluation was also carried out with respect to the senators. Charles Carrera (FA), Gustavo Penadés (PN), Amanda Della Ventura (FA), Graciela Bianchi (PN), Raúl Lozano (CA) are the leaders of the index.

Such an index is very useful for understanding how legislators spend their time, what kind of role they play in the chamber, and what their potential personal goals are. The authors acknowledge that although it is very difficult to empirically assess legislative effort, the index at least provides an approximation of the degree of dedication that representatives bring to their work.

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