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Colonization Institute confirms that Manini Ríos, his wife and his father-in-law are settlers

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Foto: Twitter / Guido Manini Ríos

Photo: Twitter / Guido Manini Rios
Photo: Twitter / Guido Manini Rios

Senator Guido Manini Ríos, his wife, the Minister of Housing, Irene Moreira, and her father, Roque Moreira, exploit a 2,856-hectare plot of land in Artigas as settlers, according to a report derived from an inspection carried out by Legal Advice and filtered by the weekly Search this Thursday.

Different sources cited by the media say that the Legal Counsel ratified the condition of colonist of Manini Ríos, his wife and his father-in-law, who have repeatedly denied this.

This pronouncement would already be known to the members of the leadership of the National Party and the Colorado Party: in recent days, José Amy, representative of the PC in the Colonization Institute, would have talked with Julio María Sanguinetti, general secretary of the minority political force , about the individual.

how it all happened

On May 19, 1970, the property was purchased by the Institute from a person named Martín Hounie Denniel, for a price of $21,492,189 at the time. The area indicated in the deed is 2,971 hectares, according to the General Inspection replicated by the weekly.

Five years later, the Board of Directors of the Institute -already in the period of the dictatorship- decided to award the land for sale through Law 11,029 to José Zenón Montero, fraction No. 1 of property 511, which is 840 hectares, and fraction No. 2, of 820 hectares. The value per hectare was $11,000.

In the same registry movement, Roque Moreira Salgado was awarded fractions No. 3 and No. 4 of 610 and 640 hectares, respectively, at a price per hectare of $13,300.

The company El Palomar SA is currently the owner of fractions No. 1, No. 3 and No. 4, and the Minister of Housing is the president of said corporation.

Additionally, the senator of Cabildo Abierto and husband of the minister is “owner of register No. 4,126 with an area of ​​815.2 hectares, which corresponds to fraction No. 2 of property 511,” says the aforementioned inspection expedition. for the rotary.

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