Colombian Navy begins search for 11 Venezuelan migrants who disappeared at sea

Colombian Navy begins search for 11 Venezuelan migrants who disappeared at sea

17 migrants, 11 of them Venezuelans, have been missing in the Caribbean Sea since last December 17, when they left the island of San Andrés bound for Nicaragua “on board an illegal motor ship.”

The Colombian Navy began the search in the Caribbean Sea for 17 migrants, including 11 Venezuelans, who allegedly left the island of San Andrés irregularly on a boat for Nicaragua, the institution reported this Wednesday, December 21.

3 Ecuadorians and 3 Thais complete the list of migrants disappeared, who “reputedly left the island of San Andrés at dawn on December 17, bound for Nicaragua aboard an illegal motor ship,” losing all contact with them from that day on; narrowed the Security forces.

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“Despite the search efforts of the Colombian Navy, there have been no results,” despite the fact that coast guards, surface units and naval aviation patrol boats have been used, the security body added in a statement.

The search and rescue maneuvers for the migrants began after receiving information from relatives that reported the disappearance of these people.

Likewise, the Colombian Navy is coordinating with the military authorities of Costa Rica and Nicaragua to search for the 17 migrants who disappeared at sea.

In turn, while the information is expanded and verified, the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office and the departmental government have been made aware of the situation of the disappeared irregular migrants.

“These people usually go to sea in boats manned by individuals who use unauthorized routes in order to evade controls,” said the commander of the Specific Command of San Andrés and Providencia, captain Octavio Gutiérrez Herrera.

So far this year, the Colombian Navy has rescued 683 irregular migrants in the waters of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina

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