Colombian Foreign Ministry assures that relations with Peru are not affected

Colombian Foreign Ministry assures that relations with Peru are not affected

The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Relations spoke after the declare to the president as persona non grata. Through a press release, the Colombian Foreign Ministry described the legislative resolution as an “act of a political nature” and considered that “it does not commit the people (…) and does not affect the historic relationship with the sister nation.”

Likewise, the Colombian government points out that “Joint work will continue to promote common interests such as, among others, the strengthening of regional integration, the protection of the Amazon”among others.

The statement ends by rejecting “the recent acts of violence that have occurred in Peru, which have affected the integrity of its citizens, both civilians and members of the public force.” In addition, and expresses its solidarity with its people and its condolences to the relatives of the deceased.

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The impasse occurred after the Colombian president compared the members of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) with the Nazi forces of Germany in World War II.

“They march like Nazisagainst his own people, breaking the American Convention on Human Rights,” said the former M-19 guerrilla.

Since gave a On December 7, the Colombian president spoke repeatedly, in which he had expressions of solidarity with the former coup president and rejected the president. and his government.


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