Colombia tiene gas para 100 años

Colombia would import gas from Venezuela if reserves run out in the country

For him Trade Minister Germán Umañagas imports from Venezuela They could be presented as long as the reserves in the country are finished.

He highlighted the discoveries that have been made on the Caribbean Coast, where Ecopetrol has reported a gas province.

“Yes, relations with Venezuela are being renewed with legal security and institutionality, why not think about the old project, where we were importing gas, why not think about a industrial complementation with the issue of gas with Venezuela”, commented the minister.

He added that the idea is to continue exploring for gas to meet domestic demand, but if the reserves run out, it would have to be imported from the neighboring country.

On the other hand, he confirmed that next Thursday he will hold a meeting with the authorities of Venezuelan trade to expedite the passage of goods through the vehicular bridges between the two countries.

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