Colombia will be in Qatar this 2022: Juan Valdez arrives in the Asian country

After learning that the Colombian National Team did not qualify for the Qatar World Cup, some were hoping to see their favorite team on the screen. In addition the trade began to tremble for the future losses they will have.

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For his part, Anato estimates a 60% reduction in the marketing of travel agencieswhich would translate into a loss of approximately US$6.5 million.

In addition, the remaining 40% of Colombians are expected to attend the World Cup datesince the event itself is a unique experience for soccer lovers, so even with the elimination, many Colombians continue to find out on the conditions of traveling to Qatar.

In the case of Russia, in 2018, an increase of 670% was registered in the departure of Colombians to that destination, compared to 2017, despite not being an unconventional destination. In Brazil, there was a greater influx due to its proximity and ease of connection.

Even though the Colombia selection will not go to the World Cup, Juan Valdez will have the opportunity to reach Qatar and Turkey.

The stores located in Doha and Istanbul respectively, will be decisive for the development of the strategy of international expantion of the company, strengthening the presence of the brand of the Colombian coffee growers in the Middle East.

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Similarly, the franchisee Cengiz Deveci of Honest Holding, states that “we are happy to bring the 100% premium coffee colombian Juan Valdez to Turkey. We have a very ambitious expansion plan for the region and we believe that our omnichannel strategy will be decisive in increasing the brand’s position in the country.”

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