Colombia, the second country in the world that hosts refugees

Colombia, the second country in the world that hosts refugees

The international consultancy Ipsos published its recent study on “Global attitudes towards the reception of refugees”. This measurement was carried out in 28 countries, through its Global Advisor online platform between April and May 2022.

(Venezuelans who fled and found refuge in the ‘land of ice’).

To the question: before the conflict in Ukraine, Which of these countries do you think hosted the largest total number of refugees in the world? the inhabitants of Turkey are the ones who identify the most with 77%, taking into account that this country occupies the first position in the ranking of refugees.

For its part, Colombia (45%) and the United States (42%) rank second and third, respectively.

Also, 36% of global respondents say they would host refugees of any nationality, and they believe that countries should take care of them regardless of their nationality.

In this regard, Juan David Giraldo, Chief client officer of Ipsos Colombia indicated: “Situations worldwide have become a new challenge for all countries, and it is up to their population to make progress on these challenges, following a line of constant support in favor of dignifying refugees.”


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