Colombia team loses Premier League player for matches with Japan and Korea

Colombia team loses Premier League player for matches with Japan and Korea

The Colombia selection, commanded by Néstor Lorenzo, is getting ready to face two preparation commitments against South Korea and Japan, which will take place on March 24 and 28, respectively. However, it arises concern after a second loss due to injuryafter confirming the absence of Johan Carbonero.

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Colombia Selection: Jéfferson Lerma was injured and will not play against South Korea and Japan

Well, this Saturday, March 18, the Colombian Football Federation issued a statement in which it confirmed that Jéfferson Lerma will be called off after suffering an injury in the most recent match for England’s Bournemouth.

Although the midfielder started and played the entire match between Aston Villa and Borunemouth (3-0 against), he informed the medical staff about some discomfort, and despite it not being serious, he was unable to play during the match. least a week.

Consequently, Néstor Lorenzo will have to think about how to make up for the second confirmed absence; and by the way, waiting for other possible casualties, since several of those summoned still have their weekend match pending with their respective clubs.

Thus, it is estimated that in a period of no more than one day, the coach will call Lerma’s replacements, with the intention that they join the concentration on Monday or Tuesday.

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It should be remembered that This call for the Colombian National Team was made up of 25 footballerswhere the majority are players who have had little or no participation with the Tricolor, and rather are just starting the process with it.

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