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Colombia paralyzes “for now” purchase of Venezuelan gas

Colombia paralyzes "for now" purchase of Venezuelan gas

The Colombian gas trading company, Integral Energy Plus SAS, has decided to stop the project that it had been advancing to import gas from Venezuela. This is a decision derived from recent statements by the Venezuelan Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, in which he linked several businessmen to the corruption scheme in the national oil industry, specifically within the state company Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA). .

In a statement shared with the Colombian press this Saturday, the company explained that Bernardo Arosio, whose name came to light during Saab’s accusations on this day, and one of his affiliates are shareholders of the company Prodata Energy CA, which was authorized by Caracas to export natural gas to Colombia in November 2022.

Although Arosio does not have any direct participation in Integral Energy Plus, the situation described above led to the “immediate dissolution and liquidation” of the partnership with Prodata Energy. Consequently, any effort to go ahead with the hydrocarbon import plan is now “unfeasible”, the note explains.

Integral Energy Plus reported that the project request was submitted last November, and clarified that for the moment no contract had been advanced, noting that any execution in this regard is subject to the “approval of the Office of Sanctions Coordination” of the Department of US State

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