Colombia is one of the most expensive countries to live: three cities top the list

Colombia is one of the most expensive countries to live: three cities top the list

According to the most recent report by the consulting firm ‘Living Cost’, Colombia is one of the countries in which citizens they need more money to be able to live at least for a month, as the country ranks 167 in an evaluation of 197 countries who entered this study, as reported in Infobae.

Thus, three cities also stand out in which their cost of living is not cheap at all, as is the case of Cartagena, which was classified as the most expensive city, since a person needs 3,539,969 to subsist for a monthamong which is the payment of rent, services and food.

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The capital of the country is not far behind, because in this ‘ranking’, according to the media, in Bogotá a person needs $3,103,786 for their subsistence. His expenses include a rental of $1,404,968, including services, the payment of food that oscillates between $899,914 and transportation in which $528,0211 is spenttaking into account that it is the most expensive city in Colombia to get around, whether you have a car / motorcycle or if the trip is through public service.

In the third position is Medellín, since its inhabitants would need an amount of $3,039,506 for total expenses for the monthwhere it stands out that a lot is spent on rent, services and food.

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Likewise, ‘Living Cost’ revealed that in Colombia you need an average of $2,506,904 pesos just to buy what you need, a big difference if the minimum wage is taken into account. Thus, “the money that a worker receives is only enough for the expenses of 0.6% of the month, Infobae pointed out.

“This study was conducted against a basic lifestyle of a person that she lives alone and that for her subsistence she acquires only what is necessary ”, they referenced.

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