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Colombia and South Korea do not go beyond a tie

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Colombia and South Korea do not go beyond a tie

As expected, the Koreans jumped onto the field putting more pressure and giving the feeling that they are a cohesive team, whose squad is practically the same that played in Qatar.

The two teams were barely measuring each other when a compromised delivery from Vargas to Mojica led the Vilarreal side to make a bad decision and try to return the ball to the center of the field, with the bad luck that the rebound fell to Son Heung-min, who had all the time in the world to comfortably send the ball into the net with the gate unguarded.

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Colombia improved somewhat with the goal and Santos Borré managed to hit a dangerous header that went high and ended with left-back Kim Jin-su injured.

But Néstor Lorenzo’s men continued to have problems getting the ball out of their own half when the South Korean Asians advanced the pressure.

The personality and the claw when making the transitions with each steal of the ball made the South Korean team give more sense of dangerand the third foul on the edge of the area Son Heung-min did not forgive and placed the ball back in the back of the goal.

But the Colombia that came out after the break was different, especially after Valoyes recovered wonderfully on the right side of the area in minute 2 of the restart after receiving and stumbling and sent a pass to the heart of the South Korean area that James, with patience and elegance, converted into a goal connecting with his prized left foot.

The goal spurred on the coffee growers, as shown by the marvelous run, just three minutes later and again from the right flank, by Muñoz who ended with another impeccable delivery from below that Carrascal finished off to equalize.

Colombia continued to use the right wing as its best asset to create danger and several attacks on that side scaredand even a corner taken from that side ended in another Santos Borré header that hit the crossbar.

The South Koreans, who like to face matches with a very youthful energy, showing their excitement with each stolen ball, with each favorable throw, noticed the lack of gasoline in the tank in the second section and only in the final breaths, with the entry of Lee Kang-in, were they able to do real damage.

In fact, Muñoz managed to get a shot from Oh Hyeon-gyu under the sticks in the 87th minute.

Lozano tried to give more ammunition to the Colombian attack with the entry of Dylan Borrero and Falcao garcia in the last ten minutes, and although the marker no longer moved the coffee team, much more clearly when it came to taking out the ball played from their own ground in the second half, they ended up leaving better taste in the mouth than expected.

Data sheet:

2 – South Korea: Kim Seung-gyu; Kim Tae-hwan, Kim Min-jae, Kim Young-gwon, Kim Jin-su (Lee Ki-je, m.24); Hwang Im-beom, Jung Woo-yong (Na Sang-ho, m.69); Lee Jae-sung (Son Jun-ho, d.69); They are Heung-min, Jeong Woo-yeong (Lee Kang-in, m.60), Cho Gue-sung (Oh Hyeon-gyu, m.60).

2 – Colombia: Camilo Vargas; Daniel Muñoz, Carlos Cuesta, John Lucumí, Johan Mojica; Mateus Uribe, Julio Carrascal (Falcao García m. 83), James Rodríguez (Jhon Arias, m.70), Diego Valoyes (Dylan Borrero, m.83), Kevin Castaño (Nelson Palacio, m.90), Rafael Santos Borré ( John Duran, m.70).

Goals: 1-0, m.10: Son Heung-min. 2-0, m.45+1: Son Heung-min. 2-1, m.47: James. 2-2, m.50: Carrascal.

Referee: Yun Pei (JAP). He admonished Hwang Im-beom (m.33), Mateus Uribe (m.34), Kevin Castaño (m.77) and Daniel Muñoz (m.86).

Incidents: Friendly match played at the Munsu Stadium in Ulsan with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and 65% humidity.

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