Collective asks candidates from Oaxaca to commit to early childhood

Collective asks candidates from Oaxaca to commit to early childhood

“Despite evidence that The main problems in Mexico have an origin in early childhoodsuch as chronic degenerative diseases, lack of productivity, chronic malnutrition, even violence, originates from having spent early childhood in violent or neglectful environments, despite this we do not see early childhood as a priority in the exercise of government, in public policies and we don’t see it now in the campaigns or on the candidate platforms either,” he says.

In an interview, he explains that this is why they are inviting the candidates from Oaxaca, where they identified a more unfavorable situation for Mexicans in early childhood, to join this commitment and, if they reach the government, include the proposals in the state plan for development and allocate budget for it.

“The candidates bring a discourse of solving more important problems, but they focus on solving problems, our proposal is to work on solutions because of these problems that avoid all subsequent problems. Invest in prevention and not spend in remediation”, she affirms.

Among the figures of the entity for children in early childhood, De Luna states that 70% of the girls and boys in this group are in a situation of poverty, that is to say that seven out of 10 lack access to health services, initial education , variable and nutritious feeding; In addition, 21% suffer from chronic malnutrition, when at the national level the average is 14%; also that 13% do not have a complete vaccination schedule when they turn one year old, and that only 3% of girls and boys have access to initial education, since it is a national right, added to the fact that there are 12% of children under 1 year of age who they have not been registered, which limits them to all rights and that six out of 10 minors under 5 years of age are disciplined with violent methods.



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