Collection of energy mining royalties totaled 16.8 billion pesos

Collection of energy mining royalties totaled 16.8 billion pesos

The Ministry of Mines and Energy reported that, between January of last year and July 2022, the collection of royalties totaled $16.8 billion and, in this way, the goal for the 2021-2022 biennium was exceeded. Only in the seventh month of the year, the revenue figure for this concept was $2 billion.

For this period, the goal set was $15.4 billion. That is, what has been obtained so far is 109% of the total expected.

The portfolio indicated that of this money, $12.1 billion came from the hydrocarbon sector and the remaining $4.7 billion was from mining.

“Royalties are fundamental resources for the development of the regions of the country, because through them projects that transform the lives of Colombians and that cover different sectors such as energy, gas, education, infrastructure, health, among others, are financed,” said Diego Mesa, Minister of Mines and Energy.

The factors that influenced this result are related to the high prices of hydrocarbons as well as coal, which added to the high TRM have meant higher revenues.

Regarding the projects approved for the use of these resources, the Ministry assured that 3,214 have been approved with a total amount of $17.2 billion, of which $15.7 billion come from the General Royalties System (SGR).


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