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Prosecutor José Luis Torres charged Mirta Raquel López, widow of Lezcano, and lawyer Liz López with violating the Arms Law, as part of the investigation into the attack suffered last Tuesday by the mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero José Carlos Acevedo.

One of the weapons that was used to attack the mayor is a Glock 17 pistol that was in the possession of Mirta Raquel López, however the woman said that she gave it to the lawyer Liz López, as part of payment, but the professional denied the done then in this situation both were imputed by article 94 subsection D, of the Weapons Law that says that lending firearms or allowing the use of third parties without authorization will be punished with a prison sentence ranging from five to ten years.

In this case, the pistol in question was owned by Fernando Lezcano Giménez, alias “Gordo” who was murdered in December 2017 in Pedro Juan Caballero.

The police delivered the weapon to his widow Mirta Raquel. The woman said that she gave that gun to her lawyer Liz López as part of payment for her services, but the legal professional said that she never received the gun that was taken to Dimabel from where the widow had to pick it up.

Faced with this confusing history between the two women, prosecutor Torres charged both and requested house arrest for Liz López, because she has a baby to breastfeed.

From all this it is clear that the weapon that belonged to “Gordo” was one of those that was used to try to kill José Carlos Acevedo, now it remains to be seen how the pistol came into the power of the assassins.

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