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Cold may have caused the death of a homeless person in São Paulo

A homeless person was found dead today (20), in the city of São Paulo, probably because of the cold. But the cause of death is still under investigation. The information was confirmed by the Municipal Secretariat for Assistance and Social Development (SMADS) and also by Father Julio Lancellotti, who works with the homeless population.Cold may have caused the death of a homeless person in São Paulo

On his social media, the priest reported that the homeless man was 47 years old and the suspicion is that the death was caused by hypothermia.

The city hall of São Paulo reported that socio-educational advisors from the Specialized Service of Social Approach came to assist a homeless person around midnight on Rua Carneiro da Cunha, in the Saúde region, south of São Paulo. However, the man refused to be taken into a shelter. Later, the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) was called to the scene and found the death of the victim, who was unidentified.

Today’s dawn was very cold in São Paulo. According to the Climate Emergency Management Center (CGE), the average temperature recorded was 9ºC, but the thermal sensation reached 3ºC. Since yesterday (19), the Civil Defense has put the city on alert for low temperatures.

The secretariat reported that between 6 pm yesterday and 5 am today, it sent 268 people to the social assistance network’s reception services and distributed 110 blankets.

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