Codehciu records 65 victims of gender violence in the first five months of 2023

Codehciu records 65 victims of gender violence in the first five months of 2023

Codehciu urged the Venezuelan State to guarantee access to justice for women survivors of violence and the relatives of victims of femicide. “This access to justice must be free of revictimization, in addition to being impartial and effective, without unjustified delays that could negatively influence the complaint process,” he requested.

The Commission for Human Rights and Citizenship (codehciu) recorded 65 victims of gender-based violence (GBV) between January and May 2023. The months of February and May have registered the highest number with a figure of 17 victims respectively.

The organization warned that this is just an underreporting based on what the media reports in the absence of official figures. The forms of gender violence reported are physical and psychological violence and threats.

So far this year, five femicides have occurred in Bolívar state. Faced with this reality, the NGO urged the State to ensure justice for the survivors of violence and for the relatives of victims of femicide in the state.

In the last three years, in the Bolívar state there has been an increase of up to 107% of GBV cases, according to the cumulative number of cases that transcend the regional press monitored by Codehciu.

The boss feeds on the impunity that prevails in the judicial system. Public officials tend to dismiss complaints or revictimize victims, so there are no public policies aimed at preventing more serious forms of violence, because GBV is not understood as a progressive cycle.

During 2022 there were at least 13 women victims of femicide in the region, and another 305 were victims of different types of violence.

Bolívar continues to be one of the states where more violent acts against women are reported, says the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV) in Bolívar.

Non-governmental organizations in Venezuela have been working on the prevention and care of gender violence in the country, offering care and counseling services to women victims of gender violence, training public officials and students on gender issues, as well as registering and denouncing cases of violence that occur in the country.

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