Cockade Day: why it is celebrated on May 18

Cockade Day: why it is celebrated on May 18

This Wednesday, like every May 18, the Cockade Day. On this occasion, the commemoration takes place under a singular event, since throughout the day the 2022 census is carried out throughout the country.

the rosette It was created in 1812 during the First Triumvirate at the request of Manuel Belgrano. The goal behind the National symbol was to grant a distinctive in the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata. In addition to this, they sought to unify the colors of the army, promote national unity and distinguish themselves from enemies.

This May 18th is the Day of the Cockade.

Yes ok, The badge was created on February 18, in 1835, the Federal Council of Education decreed May 18 of each year as the definitive date to commemorate the Cockade Day in the country. Since then, the rosette has been used on the right side of the chest, both on the day of its creation and on different national dates.

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