Cobs: "I'd rather the field didn't stop"about lockout announced by the Liaison Table

Cobs: "I’d rather the field didn’t stop"about lockout announced by the Liaison Table

Deputy Julio Cobos

The radical national deputy Julio Cobos affirmed that “I would prefer that the field did not stop” and proposed that “another plan of struggle” be followed, instead of the lockout announced by the Agricultural Liaison Commission for next July 13, demanding an “urgent” solution to the problems of gas oil supply.

“I don’t like strikes,” Cobos told FM Milenium, while adding: “I have governed a province and I didn’t like it when they did it.”

Beyond considering the reasons for the protest “reasonable,” the opposition legislator called for “finding other measures.”

“I would prefer that the field not stop and that it follow another pattern of struggle, like any union that today is trying to claim,” Cobos remarked.

On the other hand, the man from Mendoza referred to the debate that took place last week in commissions of Deputies about the situation of UVA credit takers.

“We have been exchanging proposals that reach (the head of the lower house, Sergio) Massa from the Central Bank,” said the former vice president.

In that sense, Cobos anticipated that “There is a great consensus that we adjust the credits as a limit to the salary variation, that a compensation fund be found that pays the difference to the banking system, but also that a contribution to the financial system be included in this fund.

On this background, he explained that its “constitution” and “cut-off date” were discussed, since “the Justice has sanctioned by going back the evolution of the credit to the first freeze, which is August 2019 and the ideal would be from the constitution of each credit” commented the deputy.

Likewise, he spoke of “readjusting” in how “banks manage people’s savings”.

“What we are thinking with Sergio Massa, not only solve backwards, but also forward” because, failing that, “we are not going to solve the housing issue,” Cobos stressed.

“I want us to find a common opinion, we know that it has to have the endorsement of the Executive Power,” concluded the deputy.

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