CNU upgrades the Center for Military Studies to university category

CNU upgrades the Center for Military Studies to university category

The state-owned National Council of Universities (CNU) elevated the Higher Center for Military Studies “Division General José Dolores Estrada Vado (CSEM)” to a university category, at the request of the Nicaraguan Army.

In a resolution, published in the Official Gazette, La Gaceta, the CNU recognized that center as the Nicaraguan Defense University “May 4” (Udenic).

The CNU, the governing body of the Nicaraguan higher education system, explained that the Nicaraguan Army requested the “evolutionary recognition” of the CSEM as a university “for the training, academic and professional improvement of military and civilians, at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. ”.

The Army university will be made up of the CSEM, the “General Benjamín Francisco Zeledón Rodríguez” Higher School of the General Staff, and the “Coronel and Doctor Juan Ignacio Gutiérrez Sacasa” School of Medical Sciences.

The CNU recalled that on October 29, 1997, it authorized the operation of the CSEM and that now, after carrying out an institutional self-verification process, it has agreed to approve it as a higher education institution.

In its request, the Nicaraguan Army indicated that its university will bear the name “May 4” in order to “pay permanent homage and recognition of the historical and patriotic significance of May 4, 1927, as the day that the hero national general of free men Augusto C. Sandino (1895-1934), began the fight against the US military intervention”.

According to the Army, this feat “represents for Nicaraguans the highest example of patriotism, dignity, decorum and freedom in the defense of sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national self-determination.”

The Udenic “May 4” will be subject to the CNU as the governing body of higher education, and the Nicaraguan Army will designate the new authorities of that new alma mater.

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