CNTV announced that the electoral slot for councilors will be broadcast from April 7 to May 4

The National Television Council (CNTV) announced that the electoral slot for constitutional councilors will be broadcast between Friday, April 7 and Thursday, May 4 on open television channels.

In this regard, the agency indicated that “the CNTV determines the technical standard to ensure a quality broadcast. The specific aspects of these issues will be detailed in the slot regulations, which will be announced during the first half of March.

He also added that the draw to define the order of appearance of the participants will be held in the second half of March, and that the audiovisual material of the candidacies will be received from Tuesday, April 4, three days before the start of the broadcasts.

Likewise, the CNTV indicated that “TVN acts as the head channel of the simultaneous transmission chain, making its signal available to the other open television channels.”

It should be noted that according to a survey carried out by the same body in 2022, 64% of the population declared having seen the strip of the exit plebiscite, which represents around 9 million people. In the same way, 44% said that the strip helped them decide.

It is important to remember that the election of constitutional councilors will take place on May 7, where the 50 people who will draft a new Constitution proposal will be chosen.

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