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Clínicas traumatologists implement new cutting-edge surgical techniques

The new surgical techniques implemented are in the area of ​​the lower limb, such as ligamentoplasty, meniscal sutures, and the possibility of performing bilateral knee arthroplasty in a single act, that is, operating both knees in a single surgery.

“The global trend is to try to make the two surgeries at the same time, and we are working to be at the forefront in all these terms; this was not done before, if the patient had a bilateral osteoarthritisfirst one side was treated and then the other”, said Dr. Luis Martínez, head of the Knee Unit of the Orthopedics and Traumatology Chair and Service.

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He said that for the performance of this technique, it depends a lot on the patient, that is, mainly on the provision of the prosthesis, the cost of which is high, and that it depends on the economic possibility of the patient to carry out the bilateral arthroplasty in a single surgery; for which have the support of DIBENwhich allows access to this type of treatment to people.

Bilateral knee arthroplasty

The patient benefited from this surgery is 58 years old, with a diagnosis ofand bilateral knee osteoarthritis, pathology that caused him a lot of pain, and no longer allowed him to lead a good quality of life; then this surgery is done to improve the quality of life.

“Basically this patient was in a wheelchair or on crutches and in great pain throughout the day; So this treatment seeks to improve mobility and pain; Up to now, an optimal post-operative evolution has been observed, with a good outlook, ”he explained.

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The surgical team was led by Dr. Luis Martínez and resident doctors Diego Solís, Enrique Miranda, Hugo Martínez and Hugo Brizuela.

It should be mentioned that in the Hospital de Clínicas Knee Unit Various pathologies are treated, such as knee fractures, meniscal sports injuries, ligaments, even osteoarthritis; the latter degenerative, which produces bilateral knee arthroplasty.

Clínicas traumatologists implement new cutting-edge surgical techniques

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