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Clinic endocrinologists will enable a social network to support patients

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They plan to set up a page on Facebook, to offer educational talks to the population in order to monitor their treatment and bet on prevention.

Specialists and resident doctors from the Department of Endocrinology of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNA – Hospital de Clínicas are in charge of giving these talks, since the glands that produce hormones, when presenting abnormalities, can cause many diseases.

The page will bear the name of Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism Hospital de Clínicas – UNA, reported Dr. Rosa Vega, a specialist in the Department of Endocrinology.

He added that the undertaking is carried out within the framework of one of the objectives of the National University of Asunción, which is university extension. He stated that there is currently a considerable increase in people with overweight, obesity, diabetes that may be due to abnormalities in the endocrine glands.

In this regard, the specialists and four resident doctors, two first-year and two second-year, will give a series of talks on how one should have a correct diet.

Another day they will focus on physical activity. They also plan to talk about thyroid cancer and nodules. At another time, they will focus on hypothyroidism, among other talks that will be recorded, so that the interested party can listen and repeat at any time.

The talks seek to be interactive, and to this end people can ask their questions, which will then be answered by the doctors. They ask for the participation of the young people, of the children, so that they can give the grandparents access to the Facebook page and they themselves can listen.

He stressed that especially elderly people need a lot of family support to sustain their treatment. In this sense, she stated that it would be very helpful if the patient and her environment could know how to act in specific cases, for example, when blood sugar drops.

He added that, when talking about diabetes treatment, one talks about goals, that is, a comprehensive treatment that allows measuring fasting sugar, whose values ​​should be between 80 and 130. Meanwhile, two hours after meals, it should be up to 180 and when treating diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides should also be treated, blood pressure should be improved and weight lost in the case of an obese patient.

He warned that if the sugar is in range, but the pressure is still high, the patient continues to be at risk of complications. She explained that the treatment focuses on all the diseases that each person with diabetes has.

Regarding the controls, he said that they are very important and are usually carried out quarterly if the patient is stable. He explained that there are studies that must be performed once a year, such as the fundus and retinal examination, 24-hour urine test and 24-hour proteinuria, echocardiography and electrocardiogram.

He pointed out that medication is not enough in treatment, but that patient education, medical control, having a food plan and physical activity are essential. It is for all this that they plan to open an accompaniment in patient education on social networks and also bet on prevention.

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