Claude Joseph arremete contra Gobierno RD por comunicado

Claude Joseph attacks the RD Government by statement

The former chancellor of Haiti, claude josephlashed out today against the Government of the Dominican Republic by the denial statement issued earlier.

“This memorandum of Government. The Dominican is inelegant, undiplomatic and condescending. This statement of disapproval of the Government. Haitian is free. Publish a press release regarding the candidacy from one country to another for a position to level of international institutions is unique”, Joseph said on his Twitter account. Twitter.

Said tweet by Claude Joseph comes shortly after the denial of the Dominican Government about an alleged agreement between the president Louis Abinader and the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, to support the neighboring nation to occupy a position in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

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“(…) There was no kind of commitment to regularize the situation of Haitian immigrants and workers in the country or to support the candidacy of the former Haitian Minister of Public Health, Florence Guillaume Dupervalfor the position of Director General of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)”, indicates the statement.

It establishes two clarifying points about the position of President Luis Abinader in relation to both points.

“With respect to immigrants and workers; The Haitian government must make every effort to provide official Haitian documents to all immigrants and workers in the Dominican Republic”, pointed out the clarification.

“Regarding the candidacy for the PAHO;The Dominican president indicated that he could not define any support in view of the fact that the government of Panama He also has a candidacy for the same position and is an ally with whom we must talk about it, ”says the statement.

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President Louis Abinader and the Prime Minister of HaitiArielHenrymet in the framework of the celebration of the IX Summit of the Americas which takes place in the city of Los Angeles United States.

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