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April 13, 2022
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Clash between Colombia and Russia in the UN Security Council

Clash between Colombia and Russia in the UN Security Council

During the UN Security Council of April 12, the President Ivan Duque presented the balance of the implementation of the peace agreements with the FARC, through the program ‘Peace with Legality’.

(Conclusions of Duque’s speech at the UN Security Council).

Then intervened the permanent representative of RussiaVasili Nebenzia, who criticized the work of the Colombian Government in said implementation and pointed out that “it has not been able to guarantee the physical safety of the signatories of the agreement.”

Given this, the president Iván Duque strongly criticized the Russian delegation for the war between this country and Ukraine.

(What is the use of the ‘Green Taxonomy’ that Duke brought to New York).


“Those who will speak after us will say nice words. We are not going to hide the serious concerns we have about the peace process in Colombia. It is not a normal country for the Security Council. At one point, the Security Council was the guarantor of the peace process peace, so his reputation was at stake. Every year we are more restless,” said Vasili Nebenzia.

And he also said: “Colombia has achieved its milestones in terms of the peace agreement, but we want to focus on the execution problems. His administration has avoided mentioning the final peace agreement. Instead, he has preferred to talk about the peace program legally. This program was not approved by the security council and was not agreed to by the second part of the definitive agreement, which are the ex-combatants.”

(Colombia presented its Green Taxonomy to US investors).

“The use of this term (‘Peace with legality’) shows that a reconciliation in your country has not been achieved,” said the diplomat.

He added: “We do not rely on subjective opinions. These conclusions are based on the report presented for this meeting. The main problem remains that the government has not been able to guarantee the physical safety of the signatories of the agreement“.

According to the representative of Russia, “there is a vacuum in the authority of the State in rural areas, in terms of the crop substitution program and agrarian reform. It is precisely these issues that show that there are major failures in the country. Continue there are confrontations to control drug trafficking and there is the influence of criminal groups. And sometimes participants in the process are shot at.”


“All the comments that have been made here seek to be constructive, but there are also comments that have been made that it is good to put them in perspective of consistency, but also of moral authority,” said President Duque.

And he added: “We accept all comments constructively because we are here voluntarily wishing to build a better country. But it is very important that those who today are lacerating a defenseless people do not pretend tosend messages of peace to the world while they are committing these fratricidal acts that we all reject because the sadness that is experienced today in a Ukraine is the sadness of a humanity that cries out for this genocide to end, stop now, there is no justification”.

According to the president, “it is very important that here, in this Security Council, in this governing body of this United Nations system that was created so that humanity could resolve its conflicts in the understanding of multilateral dialogue, there is no talk of peace for those who are sowing war and desolation today”.

(With information from EL TIEMPO)

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