Civics prepare town hall of 25;  Cochabamba left the initiative to the platforms

Civics prepare town hall of 25; Cochabamba left the initiative to the platforms

January 20, 2023, 22:50 PM

January 20, 2023, 22:50 PM

The civics of the nine departments prepare the logistics for the realization of the national council on January 25. The Civic Committee of Cochabamba is the only instance will not participate in this mobilization and left the initiative to the citizen platforms, as happened in the march on January 10.

Antonio Alarcón, president of the Civic Committee of Peace said they are holding meetings with elected authorities of the department, as assembly members and councilors; then they will convene the institutions that will participate in the concentration on January 25. “The agreement is on the 25th and La Paz has always fulfilled its commitments,” said Alarcón.

in benithe civic leader Hugo Aponte reported that this Friday there will be a meeting with the provinces, to define details. He admitted that there are difficulties because the community members want to get to Trinidad, but paying for that transfer means spending money that the Civic Committee does not have; That is why it goes to the people, entities and organizations that can contribute to the council.

In Oruro and Potosí they also prepare for the call of the 25th and, like Beni, they have the problem of financial resources necessary to put together a march and a rally. The leaders must convince the mining companies and businessmen, mainly, so that they can collaborate with this concentration.

In PandoJhoiner Calpiñeiro assured that They already have the logistics. On Sunday they will start with the advertisements on the social networks of the Civic Committee of this department. Calpiñeiro also reported that he is coordinating with the other civic members the content of the council’s resolutions, which must be approved by the attendees.

Cochabamba was the only department whose civic leader, Apolinar Rivera, said that they will not be part of this mobilization, because the institutions that met resolved not to support this type of call; Instead, they decided to leave the holding of the town hall in the hands of the citizen platforms, although they maintain their proposals.

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