Arce warns that opponents who go against the Government will fight in the streets

Civics from La Paz refine the council and ask the Government to avoid violence; they fear attacks

January 24, 2023, 21:00 PM

January 24, 2023, 21:00 PM

The Civic Committee of La Paz enlists the council to be held this Wednesday afternoon, in the southern area of ​​the city of La Paz. The first request made by the president of this institution, Antonio Alarcón, was addressed to the Government, whose authorities he asked to allow this demonstration to take place without attacks from government officials.

“Hopefully some MAS members will not attack us as they always doWe would ask the President (Luis Arce) and the Minister of Government (Eduardo Del Castillo) to leave us with that right; It is not a protest, it is a council, we just want to unify the thoughts in the town; there is nothing destabilizing; We are not politicians, we are exclusively civic,” Alarcón cried.

The civic committees of the nine departments brought together the organizations of each department and agreed to hold a national town hall, this Wednesday, January 25, in repudiation of judicial persecution, police abuse and also to request the release of political prisoners. Alarcón informed that they are agreeing on the national questions and there will be other questions that will be regional.

The 10th of January These same entities organized protest marches throughout the country and in the city of La Paz, government officials – whom they photographed wearing state company uniforms – and MAS militants, went down to the southern zone to attack the mobilized with firecrackers that injured the population and journalists.

LThe civics fear new attacks in the place of its concentration. This weekend, the peasants from the 20 provinces threatened to “chick” to those who attend the town hall, hinting that they will be in the South, and that they will seek to prevent the concentration of the population.

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