Civic Committee goes for the recall against Luis Arce and Branko asks the same for Jhonny

Civic Committee goes for the recall against Luis Arce and Branko asks the same for Jhonny

May 8, 2023, 11:15 PM

May 8, 2023, 11:15 PM

This Tuesday, May 9, at 09:00, the authorities of the Committee for Santa Cruz will arrive at the facilities of the Departmental Electoral Tribunal (TED) to start the recall referendum process of the mandate of President Luis Arce Catacora.

The measure is given in compliance with the mandate that was arranged in the Cabildo of January 25 of the present management that was carried out at the foot of the monument to Christ the Redeemer.

At that concentration, the citizens approved that if within a period of 30 days, that is, until February 25, the state president did not approve an amnesty for the 180 opponents detained for political conflicts, It would begin with the request for the revocation of the mandate.

On April 25, the city of Cobija was the scene where the representatives of the civic committees held a meeting. Among the main conclusions was defined summon the state dignitary to hold a meeting with the civic committees, in order to consider a national agenda that resolves all current conflicts, approves regional development projects and makes peaceful coexistence viable.

“We consider that it is Urgent and essential to sit down with President Arce to resolve social conflicts that have been arising from different sectors,” said Adrián Ávila, president of the Tarija Civic Committee, three days ago.

Till the date there was no official response from Arceonly from the Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, who affirmed that the meeting is conditioned by a productive agenda.

Previously, the presidential spokesman, Jorge Richter, evicted any chance of an amnesty to release political prisoners, including former President Jeanine Áñez and the Governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho. On that occasion, he denounced that the threat from the Civic Committee is “blackmail”.

Branko reappears and requests a recall against Jhonny Fernández

The businessman from Santa Cruz Branko Marinkovic reappeared this Monday, during the funeral of General Gary Prado, and referred to the municipal administration, which is celebrating its second anniversary, assuring that there is a city that is collapsing.

“The recall of the mayor from Santa Cruz is no longer mentionedI think that more important is a recall in the Mayor’s Office so that we can have a city that moves forward,” he said.

He expressed that there is no management by Jhonny Fernándezand that throughout the city only banners with the face of the mayor from Santa Cruz are observed.

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