Citizens of the capital complain about insecurity: they kill a guard at dawn

Citizen insecurity is gaining ground every day and crime comes to life in Nicaragua, a country where the Police is more concerned with harassing and persecuting opponents and critics of the dictator Daniel Ortega, than complying with lowering crime levels.

Early this Wednesday morning, a street security guard was assassinated with several machetes by unknown subjects when the man was moving through the Villa Vallarta neighborhood, in District Six of Managua.

The security guard has only been identified as «Titus»according to several residents who paid him for his security services.

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He had worked in the area for several years and never had any problems with anyone, so they do not know who or who may be behind his death.

did his job

After the crime, there are two hypotheses: the first is that the citizen tried to thwart a robbery and the criminals ended his life. The other is that the victim was hit by anti-socials from neighboring neighborhoods, who tried to look for trouble in Villa Vallarta and at the moment the security guard wanted to intervene to avoid disturbances, the criminals unleashed their fury on the man.

«Here is a crime that can not stand. The Police hardly enter, we are at the mercy of crime that affects us every day. Robberies happen all the time.»expressed a citizen who lives near where the guard perished.

They ask for patrol

The residents also explained that the deceased was an excellent person and that he did his job well, so they asked the police authorities to clarify the crime.

«He was always a good man, he did his work. That is evil what they did to him, we demand that the Police capture those responsible and make them pay for the crime they committed. Crime grows every day, patrolling is needed here»demanded another resident.

The Villa Vallarta neighborhood is adjacent to Lake Managua and due to its large vacant lots, it is a favorite place for criminals, who hide in the bushes to avoid being caught when they commit robberies.

By: United Voices.

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