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Citizen solidarity, thief stole a passenger from a taxi and they all caught him

Citizen solidarity, thief stole a passenger from a taxi and they all caught him

The community chasing the thief.

Several people who were traveling by motorcycle, by car and even on foot, cornered the criminal.

Bucaramanga News.

A thief was neutralized by several people who were traveling on Carrera 27 with Calle 56 in the city of the Santander capital.

The criminal, in the company of his buddy, had taken his cell phone from a passenger who was talking on the phone in a taxi with the window open.

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Everything happened in less than 10 seconds when the man got off the motorcycle, took advantage of a small traffic jam on the dual carriageway, snatched the electronic device from his victim and then fled.

The passenger screamed and received the solidarity of some brave men who were on this avenue at that time, since without any setbacks, they chased the thief and managed to get him off the motorcycle.

People who sympathized with the victim.

His buddy fled but the barbecue was “surrounded” by several people who tried to reduce him to answer for this fact. Also, for him to return what was stolen.

However, the individual resisted and fled towards a restaurant, blocks above. Meanwhile, a mob was chasing him.

Below are the images:

Finally, the thief locked himself in a restaurant and a crowd arrived there to get him out of the place where he looked for a hiding place.

Not wanting to leave his den, the community notified the authorities who arrived at the commercial establishment and later proceeded to capture him.

Cover Photo: Video Capture

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