Citizen is detained in Nueva Guinea for denouncing FSLN fraud

Citizen Elizabeth Mena Mejía, 39, was arrested on July 20 at the home of relatives in the municipality of Nueva Guinea. This was reported by witnesses who published the complaint on social networks.

The woman was arrested after publishing a video this past Wednesday, July 19, in which she is seen on a bus with other people who participated in the local activity for the anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution. In the publication, she points out that the organizers offered food to the attendees in exchange for participating in the activity.

“Here again the people are hungry in the truck, waiting for the food, which never came,” Mena said in her complaint, while focusing on the participants.

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The woman is originally from the fifth district of Managua and traveled to her family to offer products that she sold to survive. She is now accused of leaking the complaint, which exposes the methods used by members of the government to fill her concentrations.

Citizen is detained in Nueva Guinea for denouncing FSLN fraud
Citizen is detained in Nueva Guinea for denouncing FSLN fraud

The delegation in which he is located and what the crime he is charged with is still unknown, opponents from exile have published the complaint and call on international human rights organizations to pronounce on this fact.

forced to attend

This would not be the only complaint of this type. Under anonymity, state workers informed different media outlets that they are forced to attend rallies organized by the government. Prior to the central act of July 19 of this year, Vice President Rosario Murillo announced that more than 10,000 party activities would be carried out, in which the workers of the institutions will have to attend.

Citizens of Matagalpa and other departments pointed out that the streets looked empty. In the concentrations in the neighborhoods there was no broad participation, beyond that of those who were obliged to attend, they highlighted.

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