Ciro proposes pension reform as a way to reduce poverty

Ciro proposes pension reform as a way to reduce poverty

The presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT) defended the reform of the social security system as a way to reduce poverty. He made, this Friday (16), a tour of states in the Northeast and North of the country. In Paraíba, Ciro visited the city of Campina Grande, where he participated in a rally and spoke to the press.Ciro proposes pension reform as a way to reduce poverty

“I have a proposal for a new pension model with three legs. First leg, a minimum income program as a pension entitlement. The second leg is the pay-as-you-go system for all workers in the private sector, who, starting the formal employment relationship, will have a single roof. And the third leg is voluntary membership, if you want to complete your retirement outside the ceiling, you enter with a capitalization quota. With that, poverty ends,” Ciro told journalists who were waiting for him.

Asked if, with only 15 days to go before the elections, he was confident that he would be in the second round, the candidate showed willingness and confidence in his campaign.

“I don’t fight because I trust. I fight because it’s necessary. I’m going to make the football metaphor. I’m moving, I’m out of the offside, I’m asking for the ball, I have experience, I’ve been top scorer. I’m on point. If I pass the ball, I score a goal and give the Brazilian people back their confidence in the future,” he declared.

Then Ciro went to Belém do Pará, known as the gateway to the Amazon. The candidate made an appeal for peace of mind in political campaigns across the country.

“I even understand the hatred, which is not in my heart, but there are many people who do not have the vocation of forgiveness. Brazil cannot let the election be resolved on the basis of the liver and the heart. We have to solve it with the marrow, with our intelligence”, asked Ciro.

From Belém, the candidate still had a political agenda in Amapá, a neighboring state, which is also part of the Amazon Region. He spoke alongside political leaders and candidates, defending the main banners of his campaign.

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