Ciro Gomes defends federalizing public safety

Ciro Gomes defends federalizing public safety

Presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT) defended the federalization of public security as a way to combat violence in the states. According to him, it is necessary to send the heads of factions to federal prisons and control their access to external communication, including with their lawyers. Ciro participated in a sabbath with the communicator Ratinho, on SBT, this Monday (19).Ciro Gomes defends federalizing public safety

“Today, the peripheries of Brazil are no longer under the control of the Brazilian State or our authorities. It’s the factions who call the shots. This has happened in the last 25 years. And the worst thing is that in this period when violence and terror exploded, the Union Budget for public security did not vary from R$ 0.30 to every R$ 100”, Ciro contextualized.

According to the candidate, the solution involves federalizing the fight against violence, taking direct confrontation out of the hands of the local police, even as a way of protecting these police officers, many of whom live in areas of conflict. “I will federalize the fight against organized crime. I learned that the local police cannot solve this because the police officer is a worker, he and his family live on the periphery. Either he has a non-aggression pact with the criminal faction, or terror will take over,” said Ciro.

For the candidate, the main investment should be in new technologies, which are already available, with the use of algorithms to combat organized crime. In addition, he proposes to review the relationship between the criminal and his lawyer.

“Police intelligence, facial recognition, follow the money trail, change legislation to expropriate assets at the point of money laundering. And then surgically arrest the boss. He takes him to federal prison, changes the legislation, prohibits communication with his base, even with the lawyers. You cannot allow confidential communication to be established,” said Ciro.

Earlier, Ciro had a meeting, also in São Paulo, with members of the Brazilian Association of Fintechs and Zetta, which brings together digital banks, and defended a reformulation of the tax system.
“The country needs to rebuild itself. We need to carry out a structural reform of public accounts, reduce taxation, simplify it on producers and the middle class and increase taxation on the super-rich”, maintained the candidate.

According to Ciro, with this tax change, there will be money to eradicate poverty, creating a minimum income program that guarantees, on average, R$ 1 thousand per family, in addition to refinancing all debts of families and companies, in order to resume 60% to 70% of society’s investment and consumption capacity.

The candidate also met with members of the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass) and committed to defending principles preached by the category in the sector.

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