Cipriani defends privatizing drug sales: “We are not going to waste money”

The president of the State Health Services Administration (ASSE)Leonardo Cipriani, defended the proposal of privatize the sale of medicines in the state provider if they are not solved delays in delivery of drugs in some parts of the country, as recorded The Observer this Friday.

“If we can’t, it has to be done by someone else who can”, wrote this Saturday through a Twitter thread, in response to statements by the workers’ union in a journalistic note. “(A) patients in ASSE cannot lack medications. When we entered there were missing items, we put them in and we are buying better. They cannot take 15 days to deliver or have the drugs in boxes”demanded the hierarch.

Cipriani assured that the institution detected delays of up to 15 days in the deliveries of the remedies in some localities of the interior.

For Cipriani, ASSE has a “good budget” and the resources “are sufficient”, so it must “manage better”. In this sense, he promised to “solve this drug problem so that it reaches the user,” he added, in his comments on Twitter.

In addition, he recalled: “My father had a factory and it was melted, one of the problems was the taxes he paid. Today it is my turn to manage one of the largest budgets in the country and we are not going to waste the people’s money that is collected with taxes. I am convinced that the heads of ASSE, officials and the unions are well-intentioned and love (a) the institution”.

His idea of ​​privatizing that part of state activity generated criticism from a former director of the Uruguayan Medical Union (SMU) and from the Federation of Public Health Officials (FFSP), who complained about the possibility that the initiative materializes.

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