Cicpc captura a integrantes de la banda El Firulais en La Vega

CICPC signs international cooperation with Ameripol

The Scientific, Criminal and Forensic Investigation Corps (CICPC)since June 13, began to form part of the Police Community of America (America)whose purpose is to promote and strengthen police cooperation in technical and scientific matters, as well as in the training of its officials.

The general director of the CICPC, C/G Douglas Ricoaffirmed that this action allows police officers from other countries to be supported in their investigation processes, due to the extensive experience and human talent that the police force has made up throughout its history.

indicated that Ameripol It also has the purpose of coordinating and promoting sustained actions of criminal investigation and judicial assistance among the police forces and/or homologous institutions of the continent, so that they translate into the consolidation of the police doctrine and philosophyas well as in the prevention and neutralization of crime.

solved cases

On the other hand, Douglas Rico reported that the detectives of the CICPC They clarified different cases of national connotation, where 14 people were arrested, for their alleged responsibility in different criminal acts.

The investigations of the cases, showed as a result, that these people are responsible or are involved in homicides, robberies, thefts and fraud. They were all placed at the order of the Public ministry.



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