Cicpc published a list of 10 cobravacunas from the Tren del Llano

Cicpc published a list of 10 cobravacunas from the Tren del Llano

This Monday, the Cicpc published a list with photos of 10 members of the Tren del Llano who are requested for their alleged participation in the extortion plan that they have been carrying out against agricultural producers from Guárico.

The list is headed by Carlos Pirela, who last March began the method of sending videos to agricultural producers in Zaraza (Guárico), later extending his criminal act to San José de Unare, Santa María de Ipire and Onoto (Anzoátegui), among others. .

Among those requested also stands out Henry José Milano Linero (El Demonio), who is lieutenant of the Tren del Llano cell installed in the east of Guárico.

The wanted poster continues with José Aristóbal González (El Aristóbal), Jorge Luis Delgado Ruiz (Jorguito), Rafael Morales (El Mudo), Juan Carlos Cabeza Rondón (Carlos Cabeza), Xavier Alexander Machine Motaban (Xavier), José Alexander Guevara Armas (Candelo), Carlos Eduardo Banco González (The Bank) and Celestino Toledo Ramón (Chicho Toledo).


Last Friday, members of the Tren del Llano assassinated a worker inside a farm located in Juajillal, rural area of ​​Onoto, Guárico and Anzoátegui border, according to police sources.

Jhonny Rafael Fajardo (28) is the name of the worker killed in the farm’s cheese factory. He was shot multiple times with different firearms.

Prior to the crime, the criminals broke into the farm, identified themselves as members of the Tren del Llano, forced the women and children to hide in a room and then subdued Rojas and murdered him.

A police-military commission was set up in Zaraza to dismantle the Tren del Llano cell based in that municipality. They are also on the trail of the gang founded by Yohanny Machuca (El Pepón), whose members dispute with the Tren del Llano the collection of vaccines from agro-producers.

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