Cibao FC beats Pantoja in the first leg

Cibao FC beats Pantoja in the first leg

SANTIAGO.-Prince Charles Herold Jr., historical player of the Cibao FCscored the difference goal, to guide his team to win the first leg 2-1 over Club Atlético Pantoja, in the final of the Dominican Football League (LDF 2022).

It was in the 81st minute of the match, when the Colombian Juan David Díaz put a ball in the center and Charles, using his head with wild hair, left the goalkeeper petrified and deposited the ball at the bottom of the net for 2-1 in favor of Cibao.

Prior to this play, the orange eleventh had two goal arrivals that were annulled due to their forward position, but far from being disappointed, they intensified the attack.

The last game of the 2022 season that the champion will throw will be played on Saturday at the Félix Sánchez stadium in Santo Domingo, where Cibao FC lifts the championship cup with a tie.

Cibao had difficulty in the first minutes of the game, since Pantoja had control of the ball, which remained for about 15 minutes in front of the goal that Lloyd was guarding.

The visitors had five consecutive corner kick attempts, until Oscar Florencio was injured in a clash, who had to leave the match and the locals were left with 10 players.

The numerical advantage was taken advantage of by Pantoja and with a corner kick from Gerard Lavergne, in the 12th minute, who put the ball in front of the goal, Brian López’s header made it 0-1.

The young and promising Cristopher Espuny was put on the court by the injured Oscar Florencio.

While at the other extreme, Sandy Sánchez was a spectator in Pantoja’s goal, who touched his first ball at minute 15, but without danger.

Encouraged by the local fans Cibao FC started the engines, Juan David Díaz stole a ball in midfield, delivered it to Lihué Prichoda, who burst it towards the goal and found Francisco Ortega’s leg for the own goal and 1-1 , at minute 37.

With the board tied, they went to the dressing rooms for the break in the middle of the game.

At halftime, the public enjoyed the talent of artist Jay Medrano, with his contiguous music and dance.

The Argentine Jorge Alfonso, Technical Director of Cibao FC, put his star goalkeeper Miguel Lloyd to protect the orange goal, while the Spanish David González, from Pantoja, depended on the Cuban Sandy Sánchez.

The eleventh starter of the orange club was completed by Ismael “Pinta” Díaz, Oscar Florencio, Julio César Murillo, Dairin González, Lihué Prichoda, Jean Carlos López, Jean Carlos Martínez, Juan David Díaz, Carlos Ventura and Charles Herold Jr.

Prior to the start of hostilities, the player Ismael “Pinta” Díaz gave a “pink rose” to a lady on the occasion of October being the month of cancer prevention.

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