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Chronicle of an announced failure

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A million minutes of injustice

March 25, 2023, 4:00 AM

March 25, 2023, 4:00 AM

After the gasifications, innocuous meetings, dialogue of the deaf and threats, the teachers’ strike took place yesterday throughout the national territory.

The lack of conditions is one of the fundamental issues on which the claim of the sector is based. The difference between the demand and the offer of the Government is notorious and almost impossible if seen from the numerical point of view. The excessive time to reach agreements, the lack of political will and the mistreatment of teachers in the classrooms and on the streets, made the chronicle of an announced strike write itself.

Three weeks of images with police gassing the faces of teachers who have traveled the world. Is this how we treat education in a country where the phrase of making the democratic and cultural revolution of recent times is proudly flagged? “True education, once said Paulo Freire, is man’s praxis, reflection and action on the world to transform it”. Today we see that it is powered by gas that tries to silence, that represses, gas that seeks to extinguish the voice of those who teach, of those who transmit knowledge, of those who build the future.

The shameful situation has stressed the country on the scaffold of ineffectiveness. In the agony of the week, the country heard the voices of the national teachers. The urban teachers fulfilled the announced 24-hour strike with marches and blockades and even some border closures. Three weeks of mobilizations were not enough to prevent this extreme measure. The demands are summarized in a higher budget for education, newly created items and the questioning of the new contents of the curriculum. As expected, the poor quality of the dialogue did not pay off.

In Santa Cruz, the educators began the protests on Thursday night, blocking several points in the capital city. The bus departure was affected the next day. Several educational units closed their doors. Several blockades were added on the borders with Brazil and Argentina. Not a few highways were interrupted in all the departments of the country. Each region highlighted the measure in different ways with the same slogan. At the Government headquarters, a massive march made up of teachers and parents broke into the La Paz center making their demands heard, although there is no worse deaf than the one who does not want to hear.

As if education were not as important as the air we breathe, the Government has failed to understand its relevance embedded in the repeated demands. If the capacity for dialogue has failed this grade exam due to indolence or incapacity, there should be other actors and other scenarios, at least to demonstrate that there is an honest and courageous political will to solve everyone’s problems, because education fully involves everyone. all. Hopefully next week the page will be turned for the sake of good education in a country that needs it, and a lot.

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