#Chronicle |  Dance, lights and food illustrate "War of Sonideros" in Cuauhtémoc

#Chronicle | Dance, lights and food illustrate “War of Sonideros” in Cuauhtémoc

A huge stage was placed on the steps of the main building of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, conditioned sound consoles, giant screens and light platforms that at all times gave a party atmosphere.

The cumbia began to sound and immediately, different people took their partner and took their best steps on the dance floor.

Some couples with more experience in the dance made themselves known with their turns, which incited to form circles of spectators who commented or applauded when the couple put on a good show.

As is customary in this type of dance circles, some couples did not want to “challenge” those who were on the floor and offer the spectators another form of dance.

In the esplanade of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, people could also be seen who took out their gala suits, pachucos, with their patent leather shoes, colored suits and their hat with the feather that could not be missing; In the case of women, some wore glittery dresses that were made to shine with the play of lights from the sonideros.

Couples of young people, children and adults let themselves be carried away by the music and burst out laughing at the phrases mentioned by the sonideros, although there were those who did not need a partner to have fun at this event.

To carry out this event, security personnel from the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office closed several surrounding streets to install security filters, in order to check bags or backpacks and prevent the entry of weapons, beer cans or alcohol, which even caused annoyance. among people who were only going to pass through the demarcation to go to the Revolución Metro station.

The filters did little to prevent the entry of alcohol into the “Sonideros War”, as some people showed their ingenuity to introduce drinks, whether in cans, bottles or plastic bags.

Buenavista Avenue and Mina Street became a festival, as there were dozens of street stalls where you could find tamales, corn, esquites, ribs, wings, hotdogs, hot cakes, snacks, as well as scrapings, serums, prepared bleeding, for all those who required hydration and keep dancing.

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