Christian Democracy officializes Eymael's candidacy for president

Christian Democracy officializes Eymael’s candidacy for president

The Christian Democracy (DC) party made official today (2), at its national convention, José Maria Eymael as the party’s candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. It will be the sixth time that Eymael will run for president. The party’s convention took place at the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (Alesp), in the capital of São Paulo. Christian Democracy officializes Eymael's candidacy for president

“We are going to take our country where it deserves to be, at the service of families in Brazil. The core commitment of Christian Democracy is a commitment to family values. All of us Christian Democrats have that commitment. Looking at Brazilians, taking care of Brazilians, taking care of each other. This is what the nation expects from the next president of the Republic”, said the candidate.

The candidate for vice-presidency of the Republic was not made official this Tuesday by the party and will be chosen in the coming days by the executive committee of the national directory of the legend.


Born in Porto Alegre (RS), Eymael studied philosophy and law at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of Rio Grande do Sul. He graduated in law, specializing in tax law, and has been an entrepreneur for 50 years in the areas of marketing, communication and information technology.

As a university leader, Eymael presided over the São Tomás de Aquino Academic Center of the Faculty of Philosophy at PUC-RS and the Federation of Students from Private Universities of Rio Grande do Sul (FEUP). In these roles, he coordinated national and regional campaigns such as the Cheapening of Textbooks. In 1962, he joined the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) in Porto Alegre, becoming a member of the Christian Democratic Youth. Eymael was a constituent deputy.

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