«Cholitín»: El prontuario y los «consejos» del alcalde de Higüey que lo pusieron en la palestra

“Cholitin”: The record and the “advice” of the mayor of Higüey that brought him to the fore

Rafael Baron Dulucbetter known as “cholitin”is the mayor of the municipality Higueyfrom the province of La Altagracia, which in recent days has been News for the leaks of several audios that he sent via WhatsAppin which he is heard giving a “sound advice” to a journalist, messages that set off alarms in various sectors of society, not precisely because of the form but because of what the official asserted in his voice notes.

It all started when the journalist Wilkin Paniagua denounced the presumed threats of a soldier assigned as security boss of the mayor, Jose Manuel Alcantarain a group of the aforementioned social network, in which he makes a call to the employees of the City hall to vote for his superior, Cholitín, in electronic polls. To this, the mayor reacted against the communicator, to whom he suggested not to damage the aforementioned officer’s career, since, according to the official, Alcántara has killed between 15 and 20 people.

“Alcántara is a good boy, but I don’t have 100% control of him. Or what do you think he can happen, where he has more than half a cemetery, so that you’ll be clear, did you hear? Where in the capital he must have killed around 15 or 20 (people), so that you know who you are dealing with, did you hear? »Cholitín is heard in his recommendations to journalists.

Army First Lieutenant, José Manuel Alcántara, Cholitín’s chief of security. (External source).

The mayor’s audio was followed by several messages from the security chief, who assured that he would discover which person made the complaint about the call to vote for Cholitín. “I am going to find out who that person is. I’m following up on the page, those who are liking and commenting. You already know, I don’t want them to say tomorrow after you didn’t tell me, “warned the military.

Cholitín, arrested along with armed men

The mayor of Higüey is not the first time that he has been in the news for incidents, about which he has been harshly criticized. In 2016, the official, then a candidate for Mayor for the Social Democratic Institutional Block Party (BIS), was arrested along with members of his political team for allegedly carrying weapons illegally, when a disturbance broke out in said municipality while he did a supervisory tour.

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Cholitín described the action as “a clear demonstration of the abuse of power by the Aristy family, which seems to feel they own Higüey”. Later, the mayor was released after the president of the Central Electoral Board ordered his release.

Any other advice?

Eight months ago, the general supervisor of the National Institute of Drinking Water (Inapa), Lenin Carpio, questioned the purchase of some lamps during the Cholitín administration.

“As we are officials elected, they always have a million people behind, looking for the fifth leg of the cat to what one does. You who are finger officials, people don’t go into it that much. But if we are going to look for little things, I have to put a little team to fall behind you and everything you are doing, “said the official in another audio that would also have been leaked, addressing Carpio.

According to a report presented by the journalist Nuria Piera, the City Council employees themselves do not want to vote for the mayor.

“After listening to these audios, the only vote the mayor deserves is a vote of repudiation,” said Piera.


On its side, the Ministry of Defense of the Dominican Republic reported last Friday that it will investigate the complaints made against the first lieutenant of the Army, Jose Manuel AlcantaraCholitín’s security chief, which he described as “activities not related to their duties”.

In this sense, various sectors of society understand that the military should be suspended from their duties and be subjected to the action of Justice.


After the incident, the mayor of the municipality of The Altagracia He apologized to the journalist for the “advice” issued by WhatsApp audios.

“We apologize to all the people for situations like these”the official said in a video, and added: «We will have to make corrections in our way of beingwe will have to talk less, interact less, share less, and understand that the things one says have a greater impact than one may think.»

Cholitin He stated that he never thought “that something internal between Higüey’s friends could be in the national press today as if a problem was occurring and as if there were threats against someone.”

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