choice of circumstances

choice of circumstances

The political issue in Paraguay has already started with the project of opposition concertation to face a Colorado Party that – some presume – will be divided in next year’s elections. There is still a long way to go and in the current circumstances, without ideologies, without a character with really relevant charisma, without a mobilizing speech, it will be the circumstances that determine the outcome of these elections.

If we see that something relevant really happens, that impacts everyone, we will have changes in the behavior of the electorate, perhaps.

This is not absolutely true either, but they say it in Nenecho Rodríguez, who had a corruption scandal broke out in the week before the municipal elections, but the city where it is believed that the most informed voters are, ended up giving him the victory equal to Rodríguez .

These are circumstances in which it is shown that the truth that Paraguay is the graveyard of theories applies perfectly.

In conclusion, what should be looked at are the options, the names, the behaviors, and try to have as much information as possible to determine -at the moment of voting- who is the best to be elected to a given function and, fundamentally, , that the expectations of the constituents, of the citizens, of the people be put ahead before the interests of partisan rags or temporary sentimental affiliation.

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